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  • Lamborghini enters the luxury SUV race

    Renowned for its supercar status, Lamborghini is the latest brand to enter the luxury SUV market. Powered by a 478kW, twin-turbo V8 engine and hitting 100km/h in 3.6 seconds, the Urus is an SUV track aficionados can be proud of. Here are the specs to take note of. Braking power With 440mm front brake discs, […]

  • Car depreciation – What is it and how can I avoid it?

    Did you know your new car loses 10-11% of its value the moment you drive it out of the dealership? In fact, according to consumer watchdog Choice, new cars depreciate by an average of 14% in the first three years of ownership, then up to 8% after that. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you […]

  • Mercedes introduces the new X-Class Ute

    With Mercedes releasing their new X-Class line-up, the Australian luxury utility market is in for a serious shake-up. Competing with the likes of the Amrok, Nissan Navara and Ford Ranger Raptor, its 13 variants start at $45,450 and are set to redefine the workhorse of the motoring world as we know it. Three grades of […]

  • EOFY – The best time of the year to bag a car bargain!

    Thanks to oversupply and stocktakes, EOFY is one of the best times to buy a new car. Here are 3 proven tips and tricks to rely on, along with some of the most common pitfalls to avoid. 1 – Plan ahead EOFY deals are only on the table until July 1. After that, it’s business […]

  • Everything you need to know about balloon payments

    When you’re navigating the sometimes tricky world of car finance, terms like ‘balloon payment’ can really throw you for a loop. If you’re thinking about getting finance to buy a new car, these are just some of the simple facts you need to know. What is it? A balloon payment – also known as a […]

  • Self-driving cars – A safer alternative?

    Thanks to Uber’s misadventures, self-driving cars have been hitting the headlines lately. But how much do we know about how they work and are they truly all they’re cracked up to be? How it works Self-driving cars are built around a sophisticated combination of three separate technologies – sensors, connectivity and software/control algorithms. Sensors We’re […]

  • Introducing the Ford Ranger Raptor

    The new Ford Ranger Raptor’s covers have been taken off and it’s got everyone’s attention. Like the F-150 Raptor before it, it has been extensively developed, factory-built and factory-warranted. It’s the off-road performance truck you’ve been waiting for and Ford means business. Looks that thrill With pumped front and rear guards house wider tracks at […]

  • 5 steps to the perfect test drive

    A test drive shouldn’t just be an opportunity for sales people to perfect their prattle. Take control and stay firmly in the driver’s seat with this handy guide. 1. Do your research Whether you’re holding onto it for 5 or 15 years, a new car’s a big investment. To ensure you get maximum bang for […]

  • Novated leasing – how does it work?

    Whether you’re an employee or an employer, novated leasing is one of the most tax effective and flexible ways to finance your next car, saving you considerable money on tax and GST. Here’s how it works and why it’s worth considering. If you’re an employee Fleet discounts on the price of the car, servicing and […]

  • The new ZB Commodore – how does it stack up?

    With the closure of Australian manufacturing plants and the move to becoming a fully-imported brand, Holden lovers could be forgiven for feeling slightly nervous about the release of the new Commodore ZB. The new model represents a big change, becoming a European-sourced car for the first time in the nameplate’s 30-year history and available with […]

  • 7-step guide to caring for your car

    Cleaning your car doesn’t just keep it looking good, it also makes it easier to maintain and, later on down the line, easier to sell. Here are the 7 steps you need to follow to keep your ride looking super slick. Step 1 – Always read the label Before you get busy with your car […]

  • Driving to make a difference – Electric & Hybrid cars

    Previously the realm of science fiction, electric and hybrid cars are now an everyday reality. But how exactly do they work? What’s the difference between the two, and which one should you buy? We’ve got your basic breakdown right here. Electric cars Just as the name suggests, electric cars are powered by an electric motor […]

  • Volvo’s XC60 – 2018 Wheels Car of the Year

    Zooming past a field of 22 contenders, the new Volvo XC60 has scooped the coveted Wheels Car of the Year Award for 2018. Employing Volvo’s latest design language, the XC60 is Scandinavian design through and through with clean, chiselled lines that are unmistakably Volvo and propel its mid-size SUV into a true stand-out. Sporting Volvo’s […]

  • Australia’s favourite small cars under $40K

    Although SUVs were Australia’s top selling vehicles in 2017, the small car class remains one of the most sought-after and hotly-contested segments in the market. Whether you need a family car or a smaller sized runabout, there’s a huge range of options to choose from. Here are our top 5 under $40k. Subaru Impreza From […]

  • Self-employed? A low-doc car loan might be the answer

    Whether you’re self-employed or simply low on documentation, a low-doc loan might be the answer to your new car dreams. Here’s a brief rundown on who they’re for and how they work. What is a low-doc loan? A low-doc loan is precisely what it says on the tin – a loan requiring low or little […]

  • Get revved up for the new Range Rover

    It’s official, there’s a new Range Rover about to hit the streets. Arriving in Australia in March, it’s sexier, smoother to drive and more energy efficient than ever. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s to come. “Don’t change it, just make it better” And that’s precisely what Range Rover have done. A new gloss black […]

  • SUVs and utes are the top sellers for 2017

    Thanks to intense competition and lower interest rates, 2017 was a bumper year for vehicle sales. Surpassing 2016’s record by 0.9%, 2017 saw a staggering 1,189,116 new cars, SUVS and commercial vehicles registered across our great wide land. Here’s a quick review of the motoring year that was. The year of the SUV With a […]

  • Worried about a write-off? Value Protect Insurance has your finance covered

    Think comprehensive car insurance will completely cover your back in the event of an accident? Think again. If your car is declared a write off, comprehensive cover may not bridge the gap between what your old car is worth, and what your new car will cost. Sobering thought right? But there is a solution. If […]

  • How to bag a bargain in the end of year car sales

    Think end of financial year sales are the only way to bag a new car bargain? Think again. Thanks to stock run outs, the end of the calendar year is one of the best times to buy a new car. Here’s why, and what to do to ensure maximum bang for your end of year […]

  • Refer a friend and get a Free $100 Fuel voucher

    There are two things we love more than anything else. The first is helping customers get the best deal on a new car. And thanks to our free car buying service, quick and easy finance pre-approval and a range of insurance options, that’s exactly what they get. Throw in independent, expert advice on your finance […]

  • 0% finance deals – Too good to be true?

    0% finance deals may sound like a great idea, but they’re not always everything they’re cracked up to be. Here are some of the common catches to be on the lookout for. Sales bait Let’s keep it real – 0% finance deals are designed to get you into a showroom, not to give you a […]

  • Meet the team – Introducing home loans expert Colin Sherriff

    With nearly 11 years with Mildura Finance under his belt, there’s not much Colin Sherriff doesn’t know about home loans. Known locally as our home loans guru, he’s quick to reassure nervous property buyers and investors that unlike larger centres, the Mildura market remains steady and reliable. That stability, he says, means everybody wins. His […]

  • Top 10 celebrity rides

    They’ve got money, they’ve got fame, and they’ve got some seriously cool cars. Here are the 10 celebrity rides getting us hot under the bonnet. Kim Kardashian They say money can’t buy you class, but it can buy you a seriously slick set of wheels. Going from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.3 […]

  • Stamp duty cuts a bonus for Victorian first home buyers

    If you believe the hype, buying your first home is harder than ever. But thanks to changes to stamp duty, more than 2100 Victorians have gotten a foot onto the property ladder since July this year. Here’s how the changes work, and what they might mean for you. The incentives Keen to dismantle some of […]

  • Toyota HiLux range gets a revamp

    A new lease on life for Australia’s best-selling vehicle range A favourite of tradies, families and fleet buyers alike, the revamped Toyota HiLux range is ready to hit the streets. With 10 new auto variants available, here are just some of the reasons it might be high time to consider a HiLux. 10 new variants […]

  • Can I sell my car while it’s still under finance?

    Thanks to the digital revolution, selling your car is easier than ever. But when it’s still under finance, co-ordinating a sale can be trickier than expected. Here’s how to get over the hurdles, sell your car and keep your buyer and lender happy in the process. What’s the big deal with a financed car? When […]

  • The end of an era – Australian Holden production shuts down

    They say all good things must come to an end, and so it was with the closure of Holden’s last Australian factory. Workers and fans looked on as a red, manual VFII Redline V8 Holden Commodore – the very last to be produced in Australia – rolled off the production line in Holden’s Elizabeth Factory […]

  • Buying a new home before selling the old one? The risks to keep in mind

    Thinking of buying a new home before selling your old one? A hot property market might make you think it’s a safe idea, but what goes up can also go down. Here are the risks to consider before making a move. Booms eventually go bust Australia’s property market has been on a high for the […]

  • Harnessing the power of hydrogen – The future of green motoring

    Quiet to drive, quick to refuel and with a longer range than electric options, hydrogen cars are fast becoming a big deal on the green motoring scene. Here’s your quick guide to what they are, who’s making them and why you might want to drive one. How do they work? As far as technology goes, […]

  • Tesla – Setting the standard for motoring innovation

    As the proud manufacturer of the world’s fastest car, Tesla is currently enjoying a major moment on the world’s motoring main stage. With its sights firmly set on establishing a strong presence in Australia, we take a quick look at what they’ll deliver next. Autopilot Released in 2015, Tesla’s Autopilot sent a clear signal to […]

  • Hyundai’s first compact SUV hits the streets

    Entering the market in October, the Hyundai Kona is the latest addition to the compact SUV market. Available in 10 exterior colours and boasting two-tone colour roof options, it’s set to make a big splash on the motoring scene. Fresh, fast & funky Going head to head with the perennially popular Mazda CX-3 and Mitsubishi […]

  • Which car finance solution is right for you?

    Navigating your car finance options can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Thanks to our simple guide on types of car finance, confident decision making is only a step away. Here’s all the information you need to get started. When you need a car for personal use Secured car […]

  • Your quick guide to car finance

    For many of us, paying cash upfront for a new car isn’t an option. But thanks to car finance, you can have your new car and drive it too. Here’s how it works. The process Step 1 – Your details A potential lender needs to know you are who you say you are and that […]

  • 4 top tips for selling your home

    When you’re selling your home, you want to get the best possible price. Thankfully, ensuring it looks as good as possible before it hits the market doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Here are 4 quick and easy ways to attract the right buyers and zoom from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold’. 1. Add a […]

  • The new Golf – Australia’s favourite hatch just got better

    With over a million sold in 2016, it seems the Golf is the hatchback everyone has to have. And although there was technically nothing lacking in the model 7, Volkswagen has upped the game even further with its new model 7.5. Here’s why every man and his dog will be clamouring to get behind the […]

  • Love an SUV? Here’s why Mazda’s new CX-5 is still top of the class

    Receiving more than a face lift, but not a completely new design, the next gen Mazda CX-5 has hit the streets. But are the changes enough to ensure it maintains its position as Australia’s most popular SUV? Here are just some of the new bits worth noticing. More room, less noise, superior comfort Adhering to […]

  • The future is electric – Production of new gen electric cars is finally underway

    Think there’s nothing new under the motoring sun? With new Tesla models rolling into production and European brands testing the electric car market, the future of motoring isn’t just bright, it’s electric. Here’s the news you need to know. The growing power of electric motoring It’s true that the Australian market has been slow to […]

  • Applying for a car loan? Here are the 5 pre-approval boxes you need to tick

    Buying a new car’s super exciting. But getting the loan to finance it? Not so much. Thankfully, getting your car loan ducks in a row doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are the 5 things that will get you into your new car and onto the road in half the time. 1. Proof of […]

  • If it has an engine, we have the right finance deal for it

    With winter on the wane and spring just around the corner, we’re counting down the days until we can hit the water. If you’ve been dreaming all things water-sports, we might have the right finance deal for you. If it’s got an engine, we can help you finance it Although we’re mainly known for our […]

  • The beginner’s guide to getting a car loan

      Buying a new car’s super exciting. But getting the loan to finance it? Not so much. Thankfully, getting your car loan ducks in a row doesn’t have to be a hassle. Here are the 5 things that will get you into your new car and onto the road in half the time. Proof of […]

  • Market update – What’s happening with house prices?

    With the economy slowing and experts on edge, recent research revealing that Australian house prices have grown by 7.7% was welcome news to troubled ears. According to global research by the Frank Knight group, this gives us the 20th fastest pace in a race of 55 countries, up from 37th position just 3 months ago. […]

  • Used value: Consider Citroen and gear up for a complete change of pace

    Tired of driving the same old brands? Fancy something completely different? Then you can’t go past a Citroen. A perfect example of how the French do things differently, it’s a stand out in terms of styling, interiors and comfort. Here’s why you should consider getting behind the wheel. A Corolla sized car with a European […]

  • Your 7 step guide to buying the perfect used car

    We’ve all heard at least one horror story about buying a used car. Thankfully, avoiding trouble is easier than you think. Follow a few basic rules and you’ll drive away in a quality used car, for a reasonable price. Here’s what to look out for when buying your next used car. All sellers aren’t equal […]

  • Toyota Kluger – The practical, luxurious 7 seater your entire family will love

    A major player in the 7 seat SUV market, the Toyota Kluger has been a best seller for over a decade. And with 3 new models hitting the showrooms, there’s never been a better time to discover what the fuss is all about. Here’s why the new GX, GXL and Grande should be on the […]

  • It pays to look after your tyres

    What four vital components connect you and your car with the road below? Your tyres. Providing much needed support and stability, they keep you safe while ensuring the smoothest possible ride. Buy the right ones and you’ll love the way your car drives. Get it wrong and you’ll eventually pay the price. Here are the […]

  • Honda announces all new 2017 CR-V

    Honda’s stylish, all-new CR-V SUV is now available. Complete with a new all-turbo engine and 5 or 7 seat availability, it offers unparalleled levels of refinement, interior quietness and ride comfort. The latest in a long line of successful CR-V vehicles, it’s the ultimate in style and quality. New styling, new engine and new technologies […]

  • Looking for a quality second hand ride? You can’t beat the Toyota Yaris

    When it comes to a quality second hand car, nothing beats the Toyota Yaris. Fuel efficient, easy to park and with enough room for two people plus luggage, they’re the work horse of the small car world. Better yet, they’re made by Toyota, so when kept in check with regular servicing, they’re basically bullet proof. […]

  • The 2017 Budget – Consumers and business both take some gains

    Now that the dust has settled and the financial celebrities have had their say, it’s time to separate the hyped-up headlines from the reality. Here are some of the leading gains and potential problems from this year’s budget. $20,000 Instant asset write-off continued The $20,000 immediate deductibility threshold has been extended for another 12 months […]

  • Thinking of buying a new car this year? Act before the EOFY and bag yourself a bargain

    Think EOFY is all about the tax man and trips to the accountant? Think again. Thanks to oversupply and stocktakes, it’s also the best time of year to buy a new car. If you’ve been considering getting a new set of wheels, now might be the time to act. Here’s why, along with our top […]

  • Buyers flocking interstate to find cheaper property

    A growing number of young families are now making the move to Victoria, Queensland and Tasmania to find cheaper house prices and a better lifestyle. Recent ABS data confirmed the growing trend. The figures show, the interstate migration of children and adults between 30 – 45 at their strongest level since the GFC. Melbourne the […]

  • Toyota C-HR: Leading edge style

    When it comes to cars, the better looking a model, the more popular the sales. The industry has known that since year one and makes no exceptions when it comes to the Toyota C-HR. The latest Toyota is running hot on this theme. It’s pure leading-edge styling puts sports lines on top of SUV layouts. […]

  • Best Used 4WD for Off-Roading

    There’s no doubting that 4WD’s are more popular than ever. But with price tags that typically exceed your average sedan, buying a used vehicle is far more realistic for many of us. What to look out for in a used 4WD Even though 4WD’s are built tough, it’s always better to seek a vehicle that […]

  • New Porsche 911 Rules the Road

    The latest new generation Porsche 911 has recently hit showrooms. This head turner offers all the stunning performance of previous 911 sports cars but the range now comes with full emissions and safety compliance. The marque’s high end price tag hasn’t budged, with the new line-up starting at just over a quarter of a million […]

  • Make the most of tax-time this year

    Tax time can often feel like pulling teeth. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Check out our top tips to make the most of tax-time for businesses and consumers. Using your vehicle for business purposes? Tip 1: $20k Instant Asset Write-Off The Government recently announced an extension to the popular $20,000 instant asset write-off. […]

  • Mildura Finance recognised for MFAA Excellence

    The Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) has announced Mildura Finance among the finalists for the industry’s annual MFAA Excellence Awards. Mildura Finances is a multi-MFAA award winner, winning MFAA Awards every year from 2007-2011 and 2014-2015. “We are honoured to have been recognised by our industry peers and to have been selected from […]

  • Most Reliable Cars Verdict: Lexus and Porsche

    One of the biggest questions asked in the auto industry is: “What makes the most reliable car?”. According to the world’s largest regular survey, conducted by JD Power the top honour is now shared between Lexus and Porsche. Toyota’s reputation for quality is undisputed by the results. Both the Toyota and Toyota owned Lexus brand […]

  • 2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe bounds ahead

    The Mercedes-Benz E-Class family welcomes a new member: the all-new E-Class Coupé. Expressive proportions, clear and sensual design and long-distance comfort for four people, the E-Class Coupé combines the virtues of a 4 seater Gran Tourismo with state-of-the-art technology. The new E-Class Coupé features: • A widescreen cockpit • The latest in driver assistance systems […]

  • The edgy new Audi Q2 from $41,100

    The progressive new Audi Q2 Launch edition launched in Australia in February. With an edgy, unique new style this baby SUV is set to hit a new sweet-spot with a younger demographic of Audi buyers. It features highly stylised elements like exclusive quantum grey paint, black and Manhattan grey exterior and 19-inch alloy wheels. It […]

  • 5 Top tips for buying a used car

    1. Buy Through a Reputable Licensed Dealer It is always preferable to buy a used car through a reputable licensed dealer. We recommend this because dealers have an interest in ensuring that they sell you a roadworthy car, if only to keep their reputation. A franchised dealer (e.g. they also sell new vehicles such as […]

  • The New Kia Picanto – a great option for millennials

    It is very tough at the bottom end of the market. Right now, there is a real fight on between Suzuki’s Celerio and Kia’s Picanto for who can claim Australia’s cheapest car. The new Picanto is the third generation of one of Kia’s global best-selling cars and it comes to Australia with these real selling […]

  • New Triton upgrades start at just $22K

    With Toyota’s HiLux ute topping the outright vehicle sales charts last year, Mitsubishi has big hopes for its upgraded new Triton models. Mitsubishi Motors Australia (MMA) insists the new versatile Triton range is better value with all models gaining new specification and features for 2017. This includes Mitsubishi’s smartphone integrated audio system – Smartphone Display […]

  • Alfa Romeo Giulia QV – Sold out before launch

    If you’re tempted by the new fiery new Alfa Romeo Giulia QV then you’ll be in for a bit of a wait. The factory claims that the first Australian shipment has already sold out! Though they’re keeping mum on the exact number, it’s likely that 100 plus Australian orders were already placed before they had […]

  • 5 Quick tips to reduce fuel costs

    If you’re a frequent driver, you’ll no doubt have noticed that petrol prices are creeping up again. But don’t despair, a few changes in your driving behaviour can actually help to offset these rising prices. Read through our top 5 tips below. Don’t speed No, really.. slow down if you want to save on fuel […]

  • Investing in Commercial Property in 2017

    The commercial property market is red hot at the moment. More and more investors are abandoning the typical residential investment and shifting their focus towards commercial property. But whilst the returns can be strong, it’s important to have a good understanding of the market factors and risks at play before committing. From offices and retail […]

  • Used value: Nissan 350/370 sports convertible

    Nothing, absolutely nothing, shouts louder in summer than a real sports convertible with the hood down. And the Nissan 350 and later 370 models say it all. They may not have the badge of some over-rated Europeans but in reality, they’re high value: performance, comfort, and Japanese economy. Like all convertibles, the price is a […]

  • 0% Finance: The hidden cost

    It’s easy to be tempted by the appeal of a 0% finance deal – but are these offers too good to be true? News Corp Australia recently conducted an independent investigation into dealers advertising 0% finance and found the reality to be very different than what you might expect. In fact, the investigation found that […]

  • Kia Stinger bound for Australia

    Is there nothing the South Koreans cannot do? It seems every month they announce new models. Following its global release, the new Kia Stinger has been confirmed for Australia. This sleek, powerful rear wheel drive GT fastback sports sedan is expected to make it into our showrooms by the end of the third quarter this […]

  • How to Invest in Northern Victorian Property for less than $50k

    The skyrocketing property market is enough to put any one off buying lately. But it’s not all doom and gloom, real value can still be achieved – you just need to look further away from larger cities. There are a range of affordable properties available in northern Victoria, but you might have to compromise on […]

  • VW Amorak gets a powerful new upgrade

    Six and a half years after its debut, the Amarok has been updated, both technically and visually. The main update can be found under the bonnet, where Volkswagen has given the ute a new powerful, fuel-efficient 6-cylinder TDI engine. It also comes with: A more athletic front end, A more upmarket feel A new dash […]

  • Used value: European pocket rocket

    Absolutely nothing is as much fun to drive as a European pocket rocket. All the leading European manufacturers produce them and the intense competition has resulted in a large range of very impressive models. Fortunately, like all European cars, they depreciate quickly, meaning you can get your hands on one for a good price. For […]

  • Next generation Commodore revealed

    No need to wait any longer. Holden has revealed the first images and further detail on the new Commodore ahead of its Australian launch in 2018. Holden has confirmed a raft of premium technologies will make Commodore the most technologically-advanced Holden ever. The next-generation Commodore will have: A European V6 engine with four wheel drive. […]

  • New year, new car

    January is really the time to swoop on a genuine new car bargain. The situation is perfect: dealers simply cannot hang onto 2016 plated cars any longer. The 2017 plates arrive to the car yards during the month of January so the older models have to be sold. That’s why the annual January sale is […]

  • Car buyer’s checklist

    Buying a new car is exciting, but it can also be daunting. If you’re unsure of where to start, relax—this checklist covers the main factors that affect the purchase of a new or used car. To get the most bang for your buck without compromising on safety or performance, you need to read this before […]

  • Your fast guide to car finance

    Looking to finance your next set of wheels but don’t know where to start? Navigating the car-loan market can be confusing, so it pays to know a bit about your options. As an introduction, we’ve put together a brief guide outlining the most popular loans. When you’re ready to find out more, give us a […]

  • Being a winner on Linkedin

    More and more job seekers are turning to Linkedin each year in the hope of attracting the eye of a new employer. While it might seem like a lot of effort, there are a chosen few who do get great results. The reason is their precise skills are what most well-paying employers are looking for. […]

  • Skoda Octavia RS230 – for the enthusiast

    The most powerful production Octavia to date, the RS 230 has arrived. It embellishes the already highly-rated Octavia RS with a stronger engine, unique styling, and the latest comfort and technology. The RS model is Australia’s best-selling Octavia, comprising an impressive 40% of all Octavia sales. Škoda Australia Managing Director Michael Irmer said that this […]

  • It’s the savvy buyers time to get a Bargain

    If you think you’re busy preparing for Christmas, then spare a thought for the Car Business. They are now in a period of limbo as customers stay away from the car showrooms while they’re busy enjoying the festive season. The only trick of the trade they have for keeping sales strong is lowering prices. And, […]

  • Mercedes announces 2017 E-Class technology

    Mercedes-Benz has announced the details of the two new E-Class variants: • the E 350 e Plug-in Hybrid, and • the AMG E 43 4MATIC. Both new variants take the famous E-Class Mercs into the next generation of technology with leading edge performance, consumption economy, and emissions at class-leading levels. They go on sale in […]

  • New 3.0 litre twin turbo V6 Infiniti Q50 is now on sale

    Infiniti has announced is latest model – the Q50 with the big turbo 6 cylinder engine, is now available in its dealer network. The model boasts: Two peak output levels available: 298kW and 224kW, Next-generation Direct Adaptive Steering™ (DAS) leads technology enhancements, along with new rack electronic power steering system. New Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS) […]

  • Toyota Rav4 – the 2016 upgrade

    You’re looking at the best selling SUV in Australia. The RAV4 has just become the first SUV here to hit 250,000 sales. The original RAV4, launched in 1994 as a funmobile for 20-somethings, can rightly claim to be the original compact SUV. It has since gone through four generations and developed into a family-sized all-rounder […]

  • Land Rover reveals new Discovery

    Discovery is highly desirable with unrivalled capability and technology. It has been designed from the outset to enable Land Rover customers to live the lifestyle they aspire to. The factory claims the result is the best family SUV in the world. The leading features include: full-sized, three-row, seven-seat SUV with unbeatable capability and versatility with […]

  • Now is the time to take advantage of 2016 plates

    Every year it happens, Christmas comes along and consumers think about things other than cars. This means Dealer sales drop and they don’t want to get caught with left-over stock of cars which have 2016 model plates. The result is prices come down and some really good deals are out there. Don’t miss out as […]

  • Which Family Wagon Should I Buy?

    Written by Cameron McGavin Lise needs a family wagon with strong open-road and fuel-economy credentials. 2011 Hyundai i40 Tourer. Photo: Supplied The dilemma Lise is in the market for a near-new family wagon with a large boot and back seat that can deal with child restraints. She clocks up a lot of kilometres on the highways and […]

  • How To Double The Value Of Your Property

    Originally published on domain.com.au Written by Chris Tolhurst Why do some properties double in value every 10 years but others struggle to achieve a decent financial return? It’s all in the details and location. Relatively small differences between residential properties – excellent natural light, for example, or a position on the high side of a […]

  • How much easier would an extra $40,000 make buying your first home? Here’s how to get it

      Written by Michelle Hele, Network Online Real Estate Editor News Corp Australia Network  Originally published on news.com.au HOW much easier would buying your first home be if you had access to $40,000 more? You don’t have to go begging to your boss for a payrise or take a second job, according to new analysis by comparison […]

  • Property Investors Go For Old Over New

    Written by Kirsten Craze, originally published on news.com.au THEY have designer interiors, fancy rooftops and that new unit smell, but that’s not necessarily enough to get savvy investors over the settlement line. According to home loan broker Mortgage Choice a huge 76.7 per cent of Australian investors purchased an established investment property last year rather […]

  • How to beat the dealers price this EOFY

    The End of the Financial Year is looming and if you’re a savvy buyer, it’s the time to buy. Dealerships everywhere are dropping their prices and eagerly trying to reach their yearly sales target. So, if you’re in the market for a new car don’t be afraid to negotiate a great deal. How to beat […]

  • Savvy savers confess how low they go to save a buck

    Written by Olivia Lambert news.com.au WE all know it’s not so easy to live in today’s economy. Housing prices continue to rise, cigarettes cost a bomb, even just buying the groceries can break the bank. But some money-savvy people have shared their secrets on how they manage to hold onto a couple of bucks, and […]

  • It’s Time To Lock In Your Interest Rate

    Originally posted on News.com.au THE Reserve Bank of Australia is strongly tipped to cut the cash rate this month, leaving borrowers to decide whether or not they should lock in their loan. The cash rate has remained stagnant at two per cent since May last year but a sharp drop in inflation has experts tipping […]

  • I’m Not Spoilt!

    Originally published in The Sun. Written By Staff Writers. DESIGNER clothes, exotic holidays and expensive beauty treatments are the norm for the pretty Russian socialite — whose extravagant habits are funded by her wealthy parents. Self-confessed ‘rich kid’ Julia Stakhiva spends $368,891 a year on high-end clobber and owns more than 100 handbags costing around […]

  • The Calm Before The Interest Rate Storm

    By Sophie Elsworth  News Corp Australia Network   EXCLUSIVE A LOW interest rate environment is simply the “calm before the storm” prompting lenders to drastically increase the interest rates used to determine whether customers can service their loans. Interest rates as high as nine per cent — more than double what many borrowers are now […]

  • Negative Gearing: Modelling Reveals It Could Push Up Rents By $2600 Per Year

    THE Turnbull Government has reportedly dropped its plans to reform negative gearing, as a new report it would kill 175,000 jobs and push about 70,000 households into rental stress. New modelling to be released today will reveal that one potential model of negative gearing would push up average rents by $2600 a year and cut […]

  • Home Loan Questions To Ask

    If you’re considering taking out a home loan, it’s easily the biggest financial transaction you’ll make in your life. So it’s vitally important to make sure you’re choosing the home loan that’s right for your circumstances. Ask yourself these four questions when choosing a home loan and you’ll be on your way getting yourself the […]

  • Borrowers Spooked Into Fixed Rates Amid Warning Low Rates Nearing End

    Originally published in the Courier Mail, January 30 2016 Shane and Amy Johnson with one year old son Theo are on a fixed home loan for their house at Peregian Springs until 2018. Picture: Lachie Millard Sophie Foster News Corp Australia Network MORE Aussies than ever before will fix part or all of their mortgage over the […]

  • When Is Leasing A Car Better Than Buying?

    This post originally appeared on Lifehacker.com Since buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you can make, it’s wise to take a look at all your options. Both leasing and buying have advantages and disadvantages, just like renting versus buying a house.  The most obvious difference is that with a lease, you get […]

  • RBA Leaves Cash Rate On Hold

      THE Reserve Bank has kept the official cash rate on hold at 2 per cent in its first meeting of the year, but economists are tipping further cuts in the coming months. The central bank last moved in May 2015, when it cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points to its historic […]

  • Do I Buy a New Ute or an Old One?

    So you’re in the market to purchase a Ute. Something to carry your tools maybe? Or to carry the camping gear? Maybe you need it for work or as a handy farm vehicle? Either way, if you’re still deciding whether a new or used vehicle is going to best fulfil your needs, here is some […]

  • Why Farmers Sometimes Need a Leg Up

    As a country our history is steeped deeply in farming and agriculture. Our farmers are iconic Australians; the salt of our earth. But while it can be a significantly fruitful industry, farmers are at the mercy of weather conditions, market prices and so much more, making every seed they plant or sheep they rear somewhat […]

  • Appreciating Property – Why Property is Smarter than Stocks

    When it comes to investments, property is sometimes overlooked as people want to try their hand at the stock market. After all, we’ve all seen the movies where everyday people suddenly find themselves rich after investing in a few shares. However, property is a great investment and can be a better and smarter choice than […]