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As a business owner, you never want to pay more then you have to for anything. An operating lease is a cost-effective way to finance your business vehicles. The contract allows you to use the car but does not convey rights of ownership. As your finance company, we lease the vehicles to you and you have exclusive rights to them for a period of 1 to 5 years. Once your lease agreement has concluded, you return the vehicles to us. Unlike a finance lease, you will only have to lock into a small portion of the cars useful life. We will be responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the vehicles during the length of the agreed lease term.

    • Won’t appear on your balance sheet
    • Tax-deductible
    • MFL carry the risk of the residual value and vehicle disposal

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How does it work?

1. We get to know you

Firstly, we want to know a little more about your financial situation. This is so we can correctly determine how much money you are capable of borrowing.

2. Help you make a decision

We do some research and assess your financial situation. This is so we can recommend and offer you advice about what loan agreement we think will work best for you.

3. We do all the paperwork

To relieve your stress during the process, we take care of all the paperwork. We ensure that all information is correct and lodge the application on your behalf.


  • Have now purchased 3 vehicles all using MFL to organise finance, great rates and unbelievable service, wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Adam Edwards (Car Owner)
  • We got our home loan through MFL. It was easy and all their staff are so helpful and friendly.

    Sharron-Lee Teague (Home Owner)

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